Safe spaces

Hand disinfection
There will be
enough hand disinfection points in the event area: in entryways, halls, restaurants, and areas between the different halls. Hand disinfectant will also be available right next to all toilets. All hand disinfectant machines next to sanitary spaces and restaurants are contactless.

Face Masks
Face masks are offered at event entryways. We follow official recommendations about mask use. 

Sanitary Spaces
Exhibition centres and similar premises where exhibitions and fairs are organised offer many toilet facilities. These facilities are cleaned and disinfected regularly and repeatedly during the day (seats, wash basins, taps). The facilities are also treated with a protective coating that effectively kills microbes on all surfaces. The sanitary spaces have soap dispensers, and we ensure that the facilities never run out of paper, hand disinfectant, or soap. Contactless hand disinfectant dispensers are located outside the sanitary spaces.

Public Areas
Public areas are cleaned several times per day. Objects such as service desks, coatroom desks, gates, and the keypads of ATMs and parking ticket machines are disinfected regularly. A protective coating is installed to sanitary spaces and restaurant tables, chairs, and door handles. Acrylic screens will be installed at info desks and ticket sales, and the staff will also wear protective masks or visors. There is hand disinfectant available near all conference rooms and the microphones used in conference rooms are disinfected between meetings. 

At lifts, you will find information boards that show the recommended number of people using the lift at the same time. Depending on the lift’s size, the number is one (1) or two (2) persons at one time. You can always take the stairs instead of the lift. The handrails in stairways are cleaned at an increased rate. 

First Aid Staff
All events have a sickbay with staff who know what to do in case there is a suspected coronavirus infection at the event. Please refrain from attending events if you have any symptoms.

Protecting the Staff 
Service desks and coatrooms will have transparent acrylic screens where applicable. Our staff wear face shields and can disinfect their hands at their posts.  

Koronavilkku Mobile Application
We recommend using the Koronavilkku app. Please attend our events only if you are totally free of any symptoms and have not been exposed to the virus.   

Restaurants and Cafes
All our cafes and restaurants comply closely with the official recommendations issued for the restaurant business. We observe safety distances at the facilities and disinfect all surfaces at an increased rate. Tables and chairs in restaurants are treated with a protective coating that kills all bacteria effectively.

Instructions for Visitors
Entryways have reminders that you must be totally free of any symptoms to attend events. Public areas are marked with hand washing instructions and reminders of respiratory etiquette and the avoidance of handshakes. All this is done with the help of bilingual information boards and videos. You can find these on the displays and boards in every hall. In addition to the event premises, you can also find instructions for safe visiting online and in social media channels so learning about them beforehand is easy for any eventgoer. The event premises have
enough staff to guide all visitors. 

Visitor Control
Event organisers control the number of simultaneous visitors inside the facilities according to official regulations. Staggered visitor entry and limited visiting times can be applied as necessary. If required, the number of event visitors will be limited. Visitor distribution between the halls, as well as observing the safety distances, are ensured with the help of current video surveillance equipment and our event staff circulating the premises. 

Staff and partners are engaged and trained in enhanced pandemic prevention measures. We communicate the safety instructions in an enhanced and multichannel manner to all participants.

The exhibition sections must be designed in a way that the ward staff and customers can maintain a sufficient distance.
Exhibitors must provide hand disinfection for their staff and visitors. There can be no sweets or small fair gifts that visitors would take on a self-catering basis. Hygiene regulations must be strictly observed.

We have drafted ready-to-use graphical materials for the use of our customers and interest groups.  

Material bank