Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • Why do you get to organize the event?

    We have worked closely with the authorities in preparing the events. In our discussions with the Pirkanmaa Covid-19 Fist, the Regional State Administrative Agency for Western and Inland Finland and the police, we have wanted to ensure that the security plans for our fairs are exactly what is required and that all possible restrictions can be taken care of. We have received the green light from all these authorities for future fairs and our preparations have been seen as just the right kind.

Facemasks and Safety Distances


The Number of Visitors Per Day


Covid-19 Testing and Vaccines


Possible Postponement of the Events 


Cancellations, Stand and Refunds

  • Can I cancel my fair stand for the events?

    The normal cancellation policy for transactions applies when an event is arranged. The transfer of a stand to the next event applies under certain conditions, please contact customer service. Tel. 0207 701 222 (Mon–Fri 9–15),

  • Can I get a refund from the fair stand if the event moves?

    The stand will move to the next event. Please contact customer service. Tel. 0207 701 222 (Mon–Fri 9–15),


    [item title=”Can we build and keep a stand at the fair, even though we can’t let our own staff go to the fair? So the section would be without the staff as a “cold stand.”

    Yes, this is possible.

  • Can I get a refund from the purchased visitor ticket?

    The visitor ticket is valid as such for a postponed event. Returns are made on a case-by-case basis, please contact the party where you purchased the ticket.


    Exposure to Covid-19

  • What if I'm exposed to the Covid-19 at the fair? How are the exposures reported?

    Exposures are reported by the authorities and the event organiser informs about these in accordance with the authorities’ instructions. Events can only be attended when fully healthy – and we recommend everyone to be vaccinated or tested. The most responsible and important thing is to skip the event if there are any symptoms.